Disruptive? us?

At a Churchill Club event on October 26, 2005, Jonathan Schwartz, president and COO at Sun was interviewed by Quentin Hardy, Silicon Valley bureau chief as Forbes. You can download the audio of the one-hour interview here. Schwartz reprises his usual, and perceptive, themes touting Sun’s vision and prejudices, such as how volume in the marketplace matters; the changing business landscape in which eBay could become a bank; Java as a platform for digital rights management; the disruptive influence of free software and online communities; IBM’s reluctant support, and validation, for OpenSolaris on its blade servers; why Google and Sun see the world in a parallel way; how Sun’s new Niagara chip could redefine the economics of Internet; and the shift to power-efficient processing.

Even if we are disruptive, it doesn’t stop Sun from supplying Online Community technology themselves (see blog below).