Such a sad story

This is not the way you want to create a popular blog. Trust me. Thanks Jo X S for sending me this and I’ll quote Jo in full as I couldn’t say it better:

I thought this was a really interesting way for the family to communicate their position to the media and to the world regarding their daughter’s death following a car accident. They are building mini community around the tragic death of their daughter.

From unknown journo/AP via The Sydney Morning Herald.

Family stunned by mistaken identity. An American family sat by their daughter’s hospital bedside for weeks after a car crash before realising the blonde-haired young woman was not their daughter after all.

The family have a blog at Blogspot called Laura VanRyn. The blog started about a week ago (May 22nd) but it’s only yesterday that the entry reveals the error in identification. 10 entries, 550 comments, a lot of sad people.

As we move more and more into We Media, the reality style of ‘entertainment’ provided by real people in the real world with real issues continues to grow. I personaly find these stories hard to read, they upset me, but I know traditional media worships them. Them and stories like Britney Spears and Kevin WhatHisName – see DivorceKevin for an example of Citizen Journalism (well sorta, its from a night DJ in Arizona with too much time) doing what trashy magazines do best. And worst.

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