1. hey, this is a great introduction to online moderation. over at the http://www.indyish.com/stay-at-the-pension-house-when-you-visit-montreal#comments, we’re talking a lot about trolls and constructive negotiation of opinions (check the comment section for one recent conversation). i sometimes feel at a loss for ways to deal with members who are invested in our webspace, yet choose to comment in an aggressive and often offensive tone. it’s nice to know there’s a body of work developing around the subject. thanks for your great work!

  2. More moderation tools have been added into the brandstation social network platform. Site owners get to see who’s been reported, what was said about them, by who, on what date etc. Then site owners or admin users can inactivate users.
    Brandstation is a social networking platform enabling companies to enjoy the benefits of their own social network for internal and external communications. It’s been created by viewmy.tv specialists in social media. http://www.brandstation.tv

  3. Great post, I don’t see nearly enough written about the importance of moderation in building communities.

    I think an important add here is that the interaction the moderators have with the community help set the tone, with community members modelling the behaviour that is already occurring.

  4. a truly interesting way to look at some thing that most people find difficult to comprehend. Before this post, I never quite envisaged that this is how things go.

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