It’s pretty scary when you get through Thursday’s Gate. Well I was scared.

Friday’s Gate whispers: Before you enter this lifetime, make sure you remember and take courage and intuition. But I took a nap instead. 😛

I finally found something in Second Life that I will come back too – The Afterlife!

Thursdays Fictions. A fantastica, Esperance (240, 40, 21)

“Consider the qualities you would like to take with you into your next incarnation. Say the word three times to yourself and keep it in your memory. “

By the way, I’m in appropriate clothing. I think. At least, it’s better than the sparkly silver mini dress I usually wear.

I found the whole experience eerie. Jim Benson and I wandered around and explored things. You can download Second Life for free. If you are with Big Pond, the download data is also free, if you download from their site. And let me give you a tip. If you can’t get through some gates/doors, step back and really listen to what the voice is saying. Thursday’s Fictions is a challenge and a puzzle. Unlike some other sites.

The Project Factory’s Gary Hazlitt finds fame in-world

I have trouble with Second Life – it’s very swarm based and there’s not much purpose to most of the installations. This Thursday’s Fictions is an exception. Here’s The Physical TV website. Gary Hayes (Gary Hazlitt inworld, associated with TheProjectFactory) is without doubt Australia’s leading expert (if not the world) on Second Life development.

So as it’s Sunday, gitcha some spiritual depth. See you in world!