City of IF have released a new StoryGame, Machines Daughter.

An offspring of machines is drawn to the Animal World. “You were born on a night when the sky was as gray and flat as a slate equations pad…”

The City of IF is a site dedicated to online storygaming, where players and authors together create and play storygames. Storygames are unlike traditional stories or other free online RPGs because they can go in any direction chosen by the players; they’re also unlike traditional online roleplaying (RPG) games because each story has an author who creates a coherent story arc out of the choices that the players make. It’s a unique blend of story and game.
You play in the storygames by posting suggestions in each storygames forum, or by voting on one of the choices that the storygame author creates.

Irrespective of what they say, it does remind me of the old RPG email games, like Harn. And any DM will tell you they are the author creating coherent stories out of player choices! For non-D&D players, think scriptwriting in response to improv… I guess. Ah well, the story is written with the help of the online community.