Stopping Event Spam with Google Plus Hangouts

How to stop Google Plus spam in calendar events and hangouts. TWO places to turn off!

When a friend Circles you on Google Plus, Google sets as default everything to “opted in”. Your friend then yells at you for spamming them which is totally unfair. Tell ’em to read this to fix it. The first thing is to go to MY CALENDARS in Google Calendar. This is linked to your Gmail account and you can get there through

Google does two things

  1. auto adds events you are invited to, to your calendar
  2. auto-updates you EVERY time that event is updated.

You can change one or both of those things.

Video – go to 09:55 for the calendar part…

STEP 1: Change Auto Add to Calendar a Google Plus Event/Hangout

Click on My Calendars (the ALL calendars area) and then click on Settings.

Calendar- Event Spam Google Hangouts 3
Then make sure you are on GENERAL and scroll down to this section- the default is to auto-add events to calendar.

Calendar- Event Spam Google Hangouts 5

STEP 2: Change NOTIFICATIONS For A Google Plus Event/Hangout
Calendar- Event Spam Google Hangouts 1

You have to do this for EACH calendar you connect to Google Plus if you are being pinged with emails and SMS messages.
Calendar- Event Spam Google Hangouts 2
Hope this helps someone….

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