Stephen Fry and Traditional Media

Stephen Fry showing why heritage media hate social media and why we hardly notice (hat tip: John Lacey):

If people (lp: famous) want to announce their new this or their new that, they’re going “I’m not going to do an interview, I’m not going to sit in the Dorchester for seven days having one interviewer after another come to me, I’m just going to Tweet it, and point them to my website and forget the press“.And the press are already struggling enough – God knows they’ve already lost their grip on news to some extent. If they lose their grip on comment and gossip and being a free PR machine as well, they’re really in trouble. So naturally they’re simultaneously obsessed because they use it (as it fills up their column inches) but they’re also very against it. So you’ll get an increasing number of commentators going “Aren’t you just fed up with Twitter? Oh, if Stephen Fry tells me what he’s having for breakfast one more time, I think I’ll vomit.” They really will have a big go at it because it attacks them, it cuts them out. (rest of article at LifeHacker) stephen_fry

If one more person at a conference asks me why I “hate mainstream media” whenever I quote someone, from now on, my answer is: THEY. STARTED. IT.

PS I have a love/hate relationship with MSM – I love them, quote them, name their journalists, link to their articles, send readers there way, hat tip them, do everything but strip down and jump into bed with ’em. *sighs* Unrequited of course.  Well, except I’m doing another thingie with SMH. *shrugs* I didn’t say we didn’t flirt… heh.

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  1. That’s rather unkind to journalists, really. Imagine a world without “heritage media” – and that might come sooner than you think – where all the lessons learnt over the centuries disappear.

    To assume Twitter will somehow cut out and replace news media seems just a tad conceited…

    Juha’s last blog post..Stuff and its dangerously meaningful URLs

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