1. The stats talk for themselves. Thanks for sharing them. Lately, I clicked on an ad (not on Facebook), and I believed to have been directed to facebook. I found that to be surprising. With the stats you gave it seems that integrating with Facebook appears produce more than a simple presence on a social network.

  2. The era of Facebook is still beginning. The social media giant proves that it can beat other pioneers in social networking. Integrating Facebook in business, especially in today’s virtual marketplaces is a must-do. If your business does not have a Facebook page, it could be implied that you are over conservative or you still need to work on your insolence.

    With the success rate of businesses using Facebook as a supplementary or primary platform to drive the businesses to sales, it goes to show that social media has placed a significant role in modern days’ lives.

  3. Integrating business into social media sites is a big plus for stats. Cause most people come online to see their updates and stuff. So, if they see if you posted something they might take time and put interest on the link that you posted. By the way, thanks for sharing this!

  4. It’s a no brainier these days, you have to – it’s a direct line of communication with your prospects and also a place where your prospects can share what you have to say or offer with their family or friends… My dj how to dj course has been using FB for two years and just hit 1000 fans!!!

  5. This all makes sense. Social media is a newish concept to most small/medium business owners that I know. I am gradually integrating it into my company and seeing the results with more people being able to find my services and keep up to date with information on financial advice.

  6. Integration of facebook into your website really works. I did not know until i tried it. It spreads the news about your business like a virus. Its a very good marketing tool that is recommended for every business owners.

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