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Staff Persona Avatars: Social Media, Big Data and Employer Branding

Would you use big data tools that analyse social media to identify your perfect job and ditch unsuitale jobs? Should organisations use big data tools to analyse social media to identify perfect candidates and ditch less than ideal ones?

Employer Branding and Social Media profiling

I find tools like Key Values lots of fun but also give you insight into how Big Data collection can aid HR & Recruitment. It’s not big data [because it’s declarative not behavoural] but Big Data could be used to profile companies for me and candidates for you. Head further down the post to CrystalKnows for more information.

This would be my requirements. I work for myself so I’m not really tempted more than 10x a day to work for someone else πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

key values social media employer branding

After I had been working in Sydney for about 10 years, knew everyone in my industry and was pretty bored with what was frankly a kinda incestuous niche, I escaped and went to work in Jakarta. My direct line manager told me on the first day “if you work really hard, evenings and weekends, this will make your name in the industry and you can go back to Sydney as a consultant”. I had to disabuse him: my name was already made, I didn’t want more work in Sydney I wanted to experience Indonesian language/culture/experiences not more bloody . 7am to 10pm projects. The recruiter clearly hadn’t passed on my “must have work/life balance” demands LOL. We worked out just fine and I was just as effective working y’know, normal hours… but I digress.
Anyway: This is just ONE of the hints KeyValues gave me.

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Where was this stuff years ago when I needed it? *grumpy face*

Big Data and Social media and Recruitment

You should really look atΒ CrystalKnows placed in a recruitment environment.
“CrystalKnows gathers info from the internet and public accounts and uses it to assign a personality type. Crystal also outlines how to speak, email, work, or recruit a person”
Think MyersBrigg but behavioural not declarative ( I can’t fib on the answer).

Tres fascinating, no? Whats your first thoughts? Oh and whats your second thoughts? haha

Students: If you have done one of my workshops online or at conferences (on social media, big data and employer branding) how would you use these tools in YOUR work environment. And what did the union and regulators say? πŸ˜› Those who have done my Yammer content and engagement course,Β  how would staff avatars/personas help you craft your comms messages in a more targeted way? Thoughts for our next tute πŸ™‚

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