Sssh! Listen! Don’t Talk!

Interesting article at eweek.com about the BlogOn Social Media Summit in NY that happened end of Oct.
In fact, attendees—a collection of bloggers, blog management tool vendors and marketers dying to infiltrate the blogosphere—acknowledged that the blog alone is passé and the real interest is in the community-building nature of the new “social media.”
Yep, no surprises there. Egocasting won’t be a revenue maker and my loves, while blogs are popular as diaries and travel logs, its the move to more collaborative technologies and many-to-many discussions that is interesting.

“You don’t own the community. You don’t start the community,” said Jarvis. “The very notion that you can start a community is ludicrous. A community is not a place where you go. Stop thinking you have a message to get out. Use the tools available to listen.”
Errr. Wrong. You can start a community. Of course you can start a community… who does he think starts communities? Aliens? Human beings will always say to others “lets get together and talk about how we can do this”. Thats how you start a community. Anyone can do it. 4 year olds do it, at school, in the playground. Sheesh. The Girl Guides, Salvation Army, and so on, didn’t spring up fully formed with secret handshakes and badges. They started with a person or two saying “wow great idea, lets hire a hall and start sketching out what we want to do!”.
What you can’t do is force people to come, and be committed and buy into any nefarious hidden agendas you might have. So yeah, build it, but then listen. Don’t talk. Just y’know, hush.

This is a really great article, Mr. Gonsalves identifys and focusses on the key points of the summit. I particularly liked notion of the demise of the media A-list and also:
“The interactive nature of blogs gives bloggers and bloggees the sense that they are participating in something important and that they are making a difference.”
Yep. Communication. Its the key.

Laurel Papworth

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