I spent some time doing broadcast (filming) football in Sydney for judiciary purposes. If I ever liked sport – which I doubt- I certainly didn’t after these gigs. “No I don’t know the score, I film it, not watch it!”. However rumour has it people do like sport – and particularly rumours about sports. Deadspin is an interesting online community developed around sport blogs and tips.

2. Why are you doing a blog about sports? Aren’t blogs about Hillary Clinton being a lesbian and Tara Reid drunkenly shoving firecrackers up her nose?

Yes, blogs are about those things, and thank heavens for that. But we believe that the world of sports moves as fast, if not faster, than any other world, save for Mercury, because it’s the one that’s closest to the sun. There’s a whole side of sports that, because of either corporate obligations or just plain laziness, never makes it into the public consciousness. We specialize in that side. Put it this way: despite the NFL’s and ESPN’s best attempts, we haven’t forgotten about Ron Mexico

Anyway, in spite of being about sport, I like them, they have a cool sense of community and they give *manly hugs* – what’s not to like?