… do as we say, don’t do as we do.

Shiftcomm have a couple of great files including a social media press release and a social media newsroom layout.
Part of their Social Media Press Release Template. Which SHOULD be about making content accessible and linkable and bloggable.

But I can’t link to them because they don’t follow their own advice. Wierd huh?

Go to the main page Shiftcomm then click on Shift Search (you don’t get a search but a fake tag cloud) then click through one of those frustrating but oh-so-cutesy flash hard-to-navigate widgets when you see SMNewsRelease. Dear Shiftcomm, I’d rather have the link than those friggin’ clouds floating by in a Web 1.0 world….

I wonder who really wrote it? Cos they sure as heck aren’t following their own advice about making content available and blogg-able. You have to download a PDF, which (once again, cos I can’t believe it) is not easily linkable.

Complete nutters.