1. I wasn’t around the internet until late 90s but from what I read in your post, the similarities are striking.
    The changes (besides what you mentioned) seem to be rich media, and wider reach.

  2. Sort of like MazeWars Tim, but glossier. Really beautiful graphics but I don’t remember it being “avatar”-ish except that you moved the ball. Not sure it was FPS or user POV either. Just rolling a ball along and keeping it on the track – if it fell off, it fell through space and you died 🙁

    @sachendra aye in some ways *thinks a lot* I don’t watch many videos online. I mostly read blogs, so not particularly rich for me, though I agree, richer in general. I don’t download games as much as I used to – my hard drive (20mb rodime) used to fill up with crap from an FTP server that I tried. Card games, and puzzles and whatnot. Wider reach today – sure, more users. But usually we are performing for only a few – our social network, so wider reach in general, not specifically. Aye lots to think about 🙂

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