Social networks can be a handful

I personally think social networks can have more in common with oh, say, a media or marketing event than Sunday Church:

ADMA Scandal: Who done it?

SYDNEY: A mixture of drunkenness and spite has been blamed for rampant looting at last Friday’s (16 November) ADMA Awards in Melbourne – with attendees helping themselves to centrepieces, placemats and even other agencies’ awards.

According to Kate Furey, manager of the ADMA Awards, entire table settings were stolen on the night by some of the 700-plus guests.

But the shenanigans didn’t stop there:

But it wasn’t just table settings going missing on the night. M&C Saatchi, which between its Melbourne and Sydney offices collected 20 gongs, had eight awards stolen from it by ex-staffers.

A spokesperson for M&C Saatchi said four ex-staffers took turns throughout the ceremony jumping up to accept M&C awards, before the real M&C team could reach the stage.

A baffled M&C team didn’t know what to do and let the ex-staffers have their fun without an altercation. The awards, however, were never handed over to the agency.

The spokesperson said M&C’s management had not decided what to do about the awards theft.

Gavin McLeod, creative director of M&C’s digital and direct division Mark, was light hearted about the situation when speaking of his agency’s impressive wins on the night. “We are thrilled at the result. If only the ex-staffers who continually ran onto the stage to beat us to collect the trophies would return them, we’ll be even happier,” said McLeod. (you just know you want to read more on Adnews)

Ok guys, give them back. I won’t ask again. You’ll be happy to know that in comparison, the Wild Wicked Wanton Women of Web 2.0 were much better behaved. Well, maybe not “much”…

Gosh, stealing stuff, identity theft, abuse of trust, unwanted guests, – I feel safer in my online communities. 😀

I better make the tie-in to social networks and online communities stronger *thinks* oh I know – your staff, including your ex staff are in social networks too.

Laurel Papworth

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