1. I didn’t do the spam – MelbTransport did. It broke and mirrored back the ONE tweet I sent it. The guys fixed it and apologised.

    But you just really wanted to flame otu at someone didn’t you brave dear Anonymous. Have a nice day 🙂

  2. Anonymous that’s not very nice at all. Just to be clear Laurel did not spam anyone, the @MelbTransport bot ran into a bug spamming the followers, I know cause it was my bot with my bug. Anonymous if you want flame someone come to my blog (http://www.specht.com.au/michael/) and do it there!

    Once again Laurel sorry.

  3. @mspecht that’s ok hon, I’m used to being flamed. Years of running an online community for kids. 🙂 And I doubt our brave little Anonymous is one of MelbTransport followers – could be someone I picked up, or who saw

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