Thanks to Dean Collins of Mexuar for this:

Voipify your website:
User generated text content/forums are fine but to jump forward into the next generation of ‘interactive’ communities progressive websites are implementing Mexuar Corraleta for 24×7 live voice chat sessions….browse to your favourite football teams web site and talk real time with anyone else visiting the site at the same time.

With this feature, any website visitor using a Java compliant web browser and PC can make free voip calls to a 24×7 voice chat room.

These calls are pure IP from the web browser to your Asterisk server and are free, irrespective of the location of the caller or your web application.

By implementing voip to your website you will ensure the ‘stickiness’ of your site encouraging your visitors to spend more time with each visit allowing you more interaction/advertising per visit.

The Corraleta Technology SDK delivers click-to-talk 2.0 for business, enabling them to quickly deploy platform neutral applications to enhance sales and service.

  • Visitor browses to your website
  • Visitor clicks “Talk Now” icon
  • Visitor has pop-up appear on desktop
  • Using headset and microphone visitor can talk with other website visitors.
  • Visitors can continue to browse the rest of your site resulting in longer stays and more advertisement impressions

Ah but does it come with a profanity filter?? :p Download .pdf.