Let’s pretend this isn’t groups on Facebook but you’ve just spotted them on member created forums on your own little community.

Do your community “spider senses” tingle when you start to see groups with Gary Coleman and Nazi Swastikas all over it? And then -oh dear – you see the group is called…

we dont need to say sorry to the aboriginals… we did nothing wrong

Further investigation reveals other groups in the list…
… have you already started framing a post for the moderators forum, with a warning to go out over MSN Messenger or Yahoo!Messenger (or Twitter if you are cool enough)? Figured out how to ban people for stepping over the line (Swastikas are not part of ‘respecting each other‘ right?) without it seeming like a ‘political’ action? Deciding whether it needs a special post in the Announcements forum? Quiet Private Messenging with the Swastika members? Or an example?

Remember, a social network is not a blog. You don’t get to take partisan sides on a political issue. You can’t ban just because you disagree. This is a many to many (group) discussion. But those swastikas – and yes, I’ve heard before how they were misappropriated by Nazis, I’ve heard everything from misguided community members – have to go. Someone tell Facebook?

Or are you just going to rush over to see which of your friends belong?