I first thought it said “waiting for something to bing” – as in email, facebook or twitter notifications.

Hmmm actually social networking isn’t a waste of a companies time and money. But it’s a little hard to convince non-believers. Some random facts about my foray into social media, user generated content and online communities: and yes, I know most people keep their contacts and how -they-connected to themselves but we are talking about a new transparent era in communication, right?

  • Twitter profile – has brought me quite a few leads. @kerryank on Twitter liked my tweets, found out more and offered me the keynote for EDNA in a few months time. Twitter is not a waste of time. and press: A News interview (@rosshill) and ABC radio gig (@fanbloodytastic) both came from crazy Twitterers who also liked my tweets. And I like hanging out with thought leaders like @shelisrael, @scobleizer and @jowyang. Yes I’ve had one-to-one tweets with ’em. Talk about accessibility! Mind you, not sure that this really backs up my argument about finding work, but it is cool. ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Facebook profile – people have found me through friends on facebook. And given me work. I’ve introduced people to each other on Facebook and they’ve lived happily ever after. s’not just LinkedIn that connects people. I’ve been able to help people find jobs (not just consultancy) and I’ve also been approached to do public speaking and give press interviews through Facebook. Some of us pass around advice to each other and I manage most of my Middle East work on Facebook (thanks @fang !)
  • My blog – started it all. Maxine from WebDirections, Damien Smith from Network Ten, Lisa from Telecom New Zealand. All stumbled across my blog and threw opportunities my way. In fact I am massively and karmicly in debt to all three of ’em for believing in the vision of this blog as it existed a couple of years ago.

I’ve never spent a cent on traditional ads and marketing (oh ok, a couple of bucks a month on Google Adsense that doesn’t work cos I haven’t set it up properly). And I’m being a little disingenous as Public Speaking and my public University courses have no doubt helped as well. But mostly, social networking online has helped for me.

You know, I can hear you thinking: well, that’s the industry she works in, of course it works for her! If that’s the case, then riddle me this, smartypants: why does it work for career but I can’t get it to work for my love life, hmmmm? Heh

Anyway, I hope that helps you with your rebuttal of the old “Facebook is costing corporates a bazillion dollars per year” arguments.

EDIT: some blog love to Stephen Collins at AcidLabs for responding in kind.

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