1. RSS fatigue hit me bad last week. The answer was unsubscribing from more than half of them.

  2. Heh, I was one of those people that said you’re suffering from Facebook fatigue, but only because you implied that in your Facebook status message 😛

  3. @steven noble good to see I wasn’t one of ’em! 😛

    @lil sis Sometimes we yell and slam doors and walk out. It doesn’t have to mean anything – except the honeymoon is over. BTW some people will suffer Facebook fatigue – but I hope they had an introduction to social networks and move into one (niche) more suited for them.

  4. Facebook fatigue hit me quite soon when I was constantly bombarded with requests to join groups and add applications. I started declining and deleting to make it more manageable but still use it regularly – Some of my younger friends and relatives are using it as a primary means of communication. Now older friends who have never used online applications before, barring maybe Hotmail, are getting on the bandwagon.

    A friend of my daughters is visiting from Canada, arriving here today after touring Asia. I was interested to observe that although she had not been online for weeks, the first thing she did was not to her check email but log in to read her Facebook messages.

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