I was at a presentation a while ago where an academic (female) said that women weren’t using social media like blogs and virtual worlds and such. Considering that MySpace is overwelmingly women and women have been the most active in nearly all my networks over the years, including MMORPG forums, I nearly fell off my chair. From BlogHer and 6000 women:

Did you know that:

* 36.2 million women actively participate in the blogsophere every week (15.1 publishing, 21.1 reading and commenting)? (Page 3 of report below)

* Women are so passionate about blogging that large percentages of women said they would give something up to keep the blogs they read and/or write:

– 55% would give up alcohol

– 50% would give up their PDAs

– 42% would give up their i-Pod

– 43% would give up reading the newspaper or magazines

BUT, some things are sacred … only 20% would give up chocolate! (Page 17)

* More than half of women maintain the original blog they started (Page 8)

* Our time shift from traditional media is accelerating. In the general Internet population:

– 24 percent of women surveyed say we watch less television because we’re blogging

– 25 percent of us say we read fewer magazines because we’re blogging

– 22 percent of us say we read fewer newspapers because we’re blogging

(These numbers are even higher for members of the BlogHer network. See Page 10)

* “It’s about me”: Our own lives are our favorite topic — but don’t assume you know all the different topics our lives represent by lifestage. (Page 11)

* More than half of women surveyed consider blogs a reliable source of advice and information (Page 10)

* Half of women surveyed say blogs influence their purchase decisions (Page 16)

* Despite hype, few women report discontinuing blogging due to problems with trolls or being “outed” (Page 8)

What’s the protocol when a co-panellist is clearly misinformed? Do you correct them? Give them the stats? (I had the Myspace ones handy, and others nearby) Or do you smile and nod and not make waves? *puts on her swimming costume*