I am always a bit shocked when I see the prices big companies pay for bespoke sites – hundreds of thousands of dollars usually. Millions in some cases. I’ve seen quotes to my client from a big agency for $20,000 to move an email address field from the bottom of the page to the top. I kid you not. But that’s big companies with big Agencies. What about little companies using sole trader web developers?


‘Cos it really gets my goat when small sole traders get ripped off adding minute things to a site.  “A whole reworking of the site which will cost you plenty $$$$” – to add a Paypal button! That was one I heard last week –  and the developer had added a Google blogspot blog to the self hosted site rather than WordPress.  Now Blogspot is fine if you want a hosted blog but selfhosting? Ok, maybe that is personal choice – yuk – but a paypal button costing thousands of dollars? I don’t think so.

$30,000 to add ubercart or opencart or some other shopping cart plugin, so the woman (student) can sell a dozen CDs. Not a sophisticated setup. WordPress comes with shopping cart plugins and even something bespoke shouldn’t be 30k.

We had a giggle at another teacher’s expense on the weekend – she paid 8 days development work for a … Facebook Connect badge . I’ve paid a fortune for a wordpress blog theme… that turned out to be a free one. How about you?  Ever got sucked in?

Anyway I’m in the mood to be Shocked! Outraged! Dismayed! Saddened! and so on. Come, tell Auntie SilkCharm your tale of woe. You can just call them Agency and Client if naming/shaming/sueing isn’t on the agenda for the afternoon.

And if you’ve had a fabbo experience, please share it. @karenmarree – met her on Twitter, she did an awesome job with my own transfer from blogspot to wordpress.