Social Media Training Request Form

If you contact us on +61432684992 or email pa@laurelpapworth.com we’ll ask you for the details below.

Your name: not mandatory but it’s nice for me to know who I’m emailing with.

Email: so we can respond (so, mandatory)

Phone number: sometimes this is quicker (depends if I’m in class) if I have a quick question. But not obligatory, especially if you are just asking “is Laurel available on December 25th?” (answer: probably no 😛 )

Any details to get started. If you have a specific conference on a specific date at a specific location, let me know. I can tell pretty easily if I can get from a conference in Kuala Lumpur to your workshop in Hobart on the same day (probably not). If you have a specific topic and I know I don’t cover it, eg Google Ads the answer will be much faster than say “general digital course”. However feel free to use general info as we’ll be going through the curriculum for the keynote or workshop together anyway. I will be asking you your target audience both in level of knowledge (advanced social media users) and industry (in accounting and financial services) for example. So you can include that info if you know it already.

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