How to make $10million in one weekend of tweeting.  Is Social Media just people mucking around on Facebook with their mates or does Social Media make share prices go up or down? Tell your CEO to get a basic understanding of ROI in online community discussions and activities or pay the price. But your CEO “gets” social media, right? Ah goody.

NOTE: Just make sure Marketing/Public Relations realise that INFLUENCERS with networks that respond to call to action are heaps more effective than a dead Twitter and Facebook page with heaps of Followers but not Activity. I put INFLUENCERS in CAPS and RED because most social media activities FAIL because they don’t include them…

Boing Boing Blog, Corey Doctorow

50 Cent spent the weekend on Twitter pimping a company called H&H Imports; according to the SEC, he owns 30 million shares of the firm. Over the weekend, the shares gained $0.29, netting the rapper nearly $10 million.

From Business Insider, Joe Weisenthal

Earlier we noted that shares of HNHI added $50 million in market cap today thanks to tweets from 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson.

Obviously he’s being compensated. How much? A LOT.

This SEC filing shows that he owned 30 million shares. Seeing as each one gained $.29 today, that’s nearly $10 million for one weekend of tweeting.

How soon do you think he sells?

Add this case study to the other one about Apple losing 4.6 billion dollars market cap in 11 minutes due to an Engadget blog post, and your on your way to CEOs heart through his/her wallet.

Apple’s stock promptly tanked on massive selling, going from $107.89 to $103.42 in six minutes (11:56 – 12:02). This wiped just over $4 billion off of Apple’s market capitalization. A lot of people lost a lot of money very quickly.

Nice Graphic to scare ’em into paying attention:

Good luck – keep hitting them where the $$$ are, and you will get through. Eventually. 🙂

Just remember – it’s not Circulation ( number of followers) but Reach/Exposure (retweets, Shares) that make the Ripple Effect happen.
Ripple across social networks
Good News (double the share price), Bad News (crash the stock), It’s all the same strategies in social media channels… are you riding the Ripples or are the Ripples riding you?