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You can create your own online newspaper from online community content using paper.li – so I thought I would create a social media newspaper from the tweets of Australian journalists. I made a list of 500 journalists on Twitter, now their tweets dynamically update my online newspaper. Cool eh? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, indeedy.

If you would like to see what these journalists are tweeting about on Twitter go to @SilkCharm/australianmedia But if you like the pretty newspaper below, go to paper.li/SilkCharm/AustralianMediaOpens in a new tab. – there is a morning and an evening edition.

This "newspaper" is made up of the tweets of 500 Australian Journalists

How to create a social media newspaper on Paper.li

A while ago I created a list on Twitter of 500 Australian Journalists (Twitter only allows 500 on a list). ABC, SBS, News.com, Channel 7, Fairfax, they are all there. Well the one’s I could find at the time, probably heaps more now.

I then told Paper.li to create a newspaper from the tweets of the journalists on the Australian Media Twitter list:

Quis custodiet ipsos custodesOpens in a new tab.

Who’s watching the watchers? WE ARE!

Why is this important? Well in one respect it reminds us that We the Public are now Publishers, capable of building newspapers. Even from chatter of journalists on social media sites. Shoe, meet other foot. In another respect, it’s interesting to see which journalists are gathering audiences and distributing stories to those audiences. Clever clogs, meet other foot. Heh.


Laurel Papworth

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