Social Media Monetization: Leo Laporte TWiT

Podcaster Leo Laporte explaining how much income and expenses he has for This Week in Technology podcasts: he makes $1.5 million per year, doubling every year and spends $350,000 on costs including 7 staff.

This video is absolutely worth watching in it’s entirety although here in Australia, for me it lagged and burped the entire time. Gosh I wish we had our National Broadband Network already!

LeoLaporte said: To make your own channel on TV costs around 50 million dollars, you lose money for at least the first 5 years – CNN lost money for the first 10 years. Maybe $1/4 billion

Leo makes $1.5 million a year, doubling every year. 20 audio podcasts reaching millions per month.  He now has 7 staff 2 editors, 1 producers, 1 business manager, office staff . $350,000 spent a year, static costs so he’s making a tidy profit. This Week In Technology (TWiT) ads are $70 cpm  $7,000 or $8,000 per ad.

By the way I just googled and yes, Leo was right, Dave Letterman just admitted to having an affair on TV on Thursday. Reminds me of an old naughty song… Twitter gave it to Leo, Leo gave it to Livestream, Livestream gave it Mashable, Mashable gave it to me and now I give it to you. Only in this case, it’s the news, not a nasty disease 😛

Leo shows he is not just an uber-geek -and I am always amused at his laid back techy style – but also a sharp strategist, with a grasp of history and the future, and a sound media business head.  And irrespective of what the producer said, he’s not “Ugh” to look at, at all!

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  1. Social Media Monetization: Leo Laporte TWiT
    This video is absolutely worth watching in it’s entirety.. http://bit.ly/WfkEY

  2. RT @SilkCharm Social Media Monetization: Leo Laporte TWiT | Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy http://bit.ly/2ij04F

  3. very wise man, recommended. http://bit.ly/2ij04F i listen to his twit podcast and have seen 'the site' msnbc program he mentions.

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