1. Interesting overview article. Another 20 could grow out of this one and of course we see new ideas emerging all the time.
    Thanks for sharing. Was this your talk at the recent conference? (very sorry I could not make it)

  2. @simon and @lolo thank you 🙂

    @naomi, a few weeks ago I presented it at PANPA (Pacific media proprietors conference) and then on Friday, a version at WebDirections 2008.

  3. Great post, Laurel! Gave me a clear overview of the options available. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I think within a couple of year the ‘free’ sector will be bigger than the advertising sector. Also, free programs, like social networks are a real expansion loop, so as a entrepeneur you let the people do the rest…

  5. “marketers are learning how to engage with networks for the soft returns ” – Well put. I think this is one of the most overlooked benefits of social networking, it’s great that people are finally catching on.

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