MarketingNow in Melbourne

measurement in social media presentation at Marketing Now!

I am such a goose. I told people they could find my “Marketing Now” presentation my blog but I’d only put them up on Slideshare and not here. Interestingly, the keynote has still had 1389 views, even without me embedding it. Lots of people tweeted it though, which I guess shows how much better Twitter does as a distribution channel than a blog!

Around 45-50% of the slides were changed in the hour before my presentation, to take measurement of social media deeper, which is why they look a bit bare. Though to be honest, I’m still pretty crap at Powerpoint/Keynote layouts etc. I reckon as long as you have the content who cares about layout? *is making excuses*

Any questions, please comment and I’ll answer – I can’t remember everything I said now, and I forgot to record it.

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