I was invited to speak on social media in the Enterprise by Cadre eLearning to a group of corporate training people. Here are the slides for them.

The diagrams I used are on Flickr.

The key points I covered:

  • we can use social media internally to distribute (broadcast) our own training material, or we can use community tools to create the material right through to peer to peer training
  • Pedagogical studies show we learn more effectively from our peers than from exams, teachers or books.
  • how we “discover” educational information is by searching exactly for what we want when the timing and context is right
  • Yammer for adhoc training and Q&A
  • Deloitte’s use “reverse mentorship” – older senior staff train younger members who in turn train the older staff on social media tools and iPads etc.

Note, in my experience, the over 45’s could teach the kids a thing or two about social media, but hey, what do I know? šŸ˜›

  • Social media improves staff retention (thanks again Deloittes!)
  • Broadcast training is eyeballs attentively paying attention, social media training tools often means empowering the ripple. One person finding a social training object e.g. a video and passing it to others.
  • Social Training Objects – make them likeable, favouritable, bookmarkable, embeddable, transferrable. All the ables. šŸ™‚
  • Follow Training Influencers e.g. @JaneBozarth and follow those curated on her social media and training lists.
  • Understand the Ripple means they often connect and redistribute on Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs etc as well as Twitter.
  • how to deal with negative comments.

So this post is mainly for the attendees looking for a refresher and the slides but if you find it useful, please let me know.

On a final note – except for laughing babies and crying cats on YouTube – most of what I connect to in social media is “educational” and “training” and information gathering and distribution. Training for Corporates is changing…