Hoyts and social media – what do you do when someone names and shames publicly issues with your company, like this Twitter discussion I initiated about Hoyts Cinemas? An exercise for social media students and practitioners – what do you do when someone goes on a Twant (Twitter rant)? Use the diagram covered inĀ  8 ways to deal with negative comments as background. (for my classes and anyone else who wants to play).


Work in pairs or groups and figure out a strategy. If they are my tweets, no name. If others, their twitter name is in brackets.


Dear #Hoyts, why does your website not sent me “forgotten password”? Why can’t I type in my email address instead of username?

Dear #Hoyts why is the default turned to ON to publish to Facebook WALL the minute I join?

Dear #Hoyts why are there TWO loyalty programs? Just a way to take another 10 bucks off me?

Dear #Hoyts why is it when I click on a “Source Code (Purchase Tickets) you take me to a list of movies instead of a purchase screen?

Dear #Hoyts given that you FORCE me (“required”) to hand over my postcode, why not give me a default cinema option?

Dear #Hoyts why do you charge me MORE for an online booking that costs you LESS, than a box office purchase with REAL people hired?

Dear #Hoyts why are ADS wall size yet a little bitty unreadable schedule screen. SOU, HARR, & LIMI means nothing to me.

100x more space given to ads than a decent Now Showing screen

DIARY OF A…? what? Social Media Consultant? DINNER FOR… 2? 4? DOGS??

Dear #Hoyts, why am I even tweeting to you? You’re not here where your customers are. Doubt your agency even monitors for you.


@sportzprofessor my dearest wish, at the moment is that #Hoyts goes the same way as Borders, Angus & Robertson etc. #bankrupt

Ex- Staff:

@SilkCharm @sportzprofessor As a former #Hoyts employee I am surprised they are still in business given the way they operate.

Influncer and the Retweet

Dear #Hoyts – What @MiaFreedman said: and then make me QUEUE in the line to collect my tix even though I bought them online! #eventcinemas

The smart arse? šŸ˜›

(from @JohnLacey) Queen of #FirstWorldProblems RT @SilkCharm: Dear #Hoyts -[…] make me QUEUE in line to collect my tix even though I bought them online!

The Protector

(from @NathanRodger) @SilkCharm @MiaFreedman Umm #Hoyts or #eventcinemas? In my experience w/Event Cinemas I’ve printed at home &/or used iPhone for them to scan

The discussion

(from @carapring) #Event Cinemas too! RT @SilkCharm: Dear #Hoyts why do you charge me MORE for an online booking that costs you LESS than a box office purch..

(from @sportzprofessor) @SilkCharm Clearly you seem to be having issues with #Hoyts!! LOL

(from @BrandIdeas) @SilkCharm Loving your dear #hoyts thoughts- every one a gem

(from @soboler) @SilkCharm Is somebody looking for some more consulting work? (LP: I’ve never found publicly flaming a potential client to be a particularly effective sales strategy šŸ˜›)

(from @rhyshillman) @SilkCharm I really hope they listen! you’ve nailed everything their annoying system has wrong with it in a very public way #muchrespect

I chose Hoyts for this exercise cos I believed and had experienced every word (the rant came first, post second). What do you surmise? How would you handle this as an attack against YOUR company, products or services?