Social Media Courses: Sydney, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Singapore

Computer based social media classes on how to use Twitter, Facebook fanpages, setting them up and also blogging and rss readers and so on.

Computer based social media classes on how to use Twitter, Facebook fanpages, setting them up and also blogging and rss readers and so on.

Laurel Papworth teaches social network, social media and online community courses. Public courses are available- see links below – or training can be brought in house to your computer lab, or (without computers) to your boardroom or training room.

Dates: computer lab courses

How to Blog for Business (more info)

  • SYDNEY 2nd October 2009 $490 AUD
  • SINGAPORE 26th October 2009 $620 SGD BOOK HERE How To Blog For Business
  • HONG KONG 9th November 2009 $450 USD BOOK HERE How To Blog For Business

Social Media Campaign (more info)

  • SYDNEY 23rd October 2009 $490 AUD BOOK HERE Social Media Campaign
  • SINGAPORE 28th October 2009 $620 SGD BOOK HERE Social Media Campaign
  • HONG KONG 11th November 2009 $450 USD BOOK HERE Social Media Campaign


By Location

Hong Kong



In-company training

The courses below are available as:

  • one or two hour presentation
  • 1/2 day seminar
  • full day or 2 day workshops

Please contact me for more information, course outlines, costs and dates:

  • Web 2.0 – Facebook, blogs and Marketing
    Introduction to the concepts of social media marketing.
  • Monetization – Revenue streams and social networks
    Social networks are not only for marketing and PR but also revenue streams themselves.
  • The Social Media Audit
    Finding what customers are saying on social networks, and the impact of staff who blog.
  • How to Build and Manage Online Communities and Forums
    Managing your own forums, moderators, promotions, events and developing the community.
  • Creating and Running a Social Media Campaign
    Working through the five steps of a social media campaign from listening to doing to measuring.
  • Engaging with Social Networks
    Finding the right bloggers and networks and how to work alongside them.
  • Managing the Conversation
    Tracking news and comments and videos and forum posting and tweets in a manageable way.
  • Social Media Measurement
    Understanding the metrics and measurements – media monitoring for social media sites
  • How to Blog in a Corporate Environment
    Practical, hands-on, course specifically for building a channel for corporate and enterprise through blogs.
  • Government 2.0 and Social Media Case Studies
    This course takes Governments (Australia, Singapore) through local case studies. Can be adapted for China and Malaysia.
  • Enterprise 2.0 and Communications What is the impact of social media behind the firewall? Wikis for collaborative knowledge management etc.
  • Social Media for H.R. and Recruitment
    an indepth look at LinkedIn and other social network sites and the impact to H.R.
  • Social Media Guidelines and Behaviour Issues for the Enterprise
    Workshop guidelines for staff to understand the impact beyond email policies of Facebook status updates and so on.
  • P.R. Crisis Management and social media.
    The impact to P.R. of social media, the need for social ‘media training’ and putting out the fire.
  • Developing a social media press release
    workshop to help PR professionals prepare social media press releases for the blogosphere and Twittersphere.
  • Social Media and Customer Service
    When the customer ask a question about a product, it’s not marketing or PR who answer. Social networks for CS interaction.
  • Social Media: Only Facebook
    Facebook for marketing, setting up pages, joining groups
  • Social Media: Only Twitter
    Establishing a brand presence on Twitter

I have course outlines, learning outcomes, example clientele (Australia and overseas), and courseware for these courses. Please contact me.

Past courses include:

A hands-on, computer-based How To Do A Social Media Marketing Campaign

7th August in Melbourne, 10th August in Sydney, last week August Singapore

More information here.

Short URLs

Hong Kong http://bit.ly/wOG4j Singapore http://bit.ly/zfst3

Blog http://bit.ly/ZWqpE FB & Twitter http://bit.ly/48h33z

General course page http://bit.ly/GckBx

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