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  11. Any chance of you presenting this session at Bathurst? I attended one of your 2-day sessions here at Citigate Mount Panorama (since sold and now known as Rydges Mt Panorama) and got SO much out of it, even though it was just an intro course. I’m ready to get seriously involved and keen… time-short, of course…. maybe the local Bathurst Business Chamber or BEC would consider subsidising?

    1. Hi Jann, we emailed you at the email address you used for this comment but we’ve not had a response – are you receiving emails? cheers Laurel

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  13. Wow there is really a social media course and there is even a difference between social media strategy over social media campaign. Thanks for this information. It’s interesting though. Social media is the next big thing. I’d love to attend and I hope it is offered in Asia!

  14. I agree with KinsgstonSchool. These students are very lucky to have such a deoetvd teacher. I have a daughter with Special Needs and would be thrilled if she had a teacher like this that truly cares about, and loves her students. She fills their days with quality time and useful activities.Please take care of yourself and find time for you, so you don’t burn out.

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