When Karen Huff (senior citizen) was bullied on a bus, the guy Max Sidorov that found the video on Facebook, reposted it to Indiegogo (a social fundraising site) and named and shamed the school involved. He wanted to raise money for Karen to have a vacation by working, fund raising, and even with some tips on how to win more football bets– well, $600,000 dollars later (and still a month to go), Karen will get a vacation of a lifetime, she might be renting a beach house from the top outer banks vacation rentals for the whole summer!

Every week the Press call on me to give a quote on how people waste time online, how Kony2012 was a failure and that people will tweet but not respond to a Call to Action. Yet these stories like Karen Huff on Indiegogo emerge all the time, showing that we DO put our money where our mouth/tweets are: money is how the community shows value and they show value by contributing it to sites like Indiegogo, Pozible, Kickstarter etc all the time:NOTE: I didn’t watch this all the way through – I tried but it was too hard to do. Fair warning? Six and Half Million Views as of this moment:

What would you do if you saw the above video on TV or heard about it on the radio? tsk tsk at the TV? Ring someone?

From the Indiegogo description

Above is a video of a 68-year-old bus monitor named Karen Klein being verbally harassed by a group of middle schoolers on their way home from Athena Middle School in Greece, New York. Throughout the ten minute video, you can hear the kids verbally berate the woman, calling her a bitch, fatass, poor, ugly, and various other words of the like. At one point in the video, you can hear one of the kids yell, “You’re so fuckin poor you fat ass,” in which Karen responds, “I try to live by some of these words, I try and it’s really hard,” referring to the words on her purse. Now, I don’t know about you, but that broke my fucking heart. There’s even a point in the video where one of the kids touches Karen’s arm in an attempt to make fun of her. I’m not sure why these kids would want to bully a senior citizen to tears, but I feel we should do something, or at least try.

She doesn’t earn nearly enough ($15,506) to deal with some of the trash she is surrounded by. Lets give her something she will never forget, a vacation of a lifetime!

Link to the school’s website: http://www.greece.k12.ny.us/athena-middle.cfm

Bus number: #784

School’s fax number: (585) 966-4039

Principal of the school’s E-mail address: David.Richardson@greece.k12.ny.us

Staff E-mails & Other Links:


Links to the videos:


Karen’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kklein1944

************ UPDATE 11:00 am est 6/21:  This is Amanda (tammbg below).  I am Karen’s daughter and I just joined this campaign.  I have spoken with Max and with Indiegogo and we just want to thank you so much for your support.  I am at work now so can’t put a picture up yet.  We are completely overwhelmed with all the support, so thank you. *************

indiegogo karen huff bullied on a bus

Note how he names and shames the school even the bus number. Citizen Journalists do not pull punches the same way Traditional Journalists do!