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  15. Hi Laurel – totally agree with your comments about effectiveness – but I would be really interested to know if it actually affected any social change in terms of the school’s response, the bus company response and whether the kids have been ‘counselled’. That to my mind would make it a genuinely social success.

    1. Apparently they’ve had to hire guards to protect the little brats. Which is NOT the message we want to send our kids. Bullying them back just reinforces behaviour. I would say they are in crisis lockdown mode, so yes, short term some changes….

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  17. My only concern is that this now becomes a revenue opportunity model. Yes we show how social media can be a great source for the community to express their support through $ but a then start too see the setup scenarios that are successful until they become too frequent.

    I hate to be be cynical but just like BB1 was edgy and innovative it then became the domain of tryhards and over wrought marketing. So many of these social media based breakthroughs have a half life of about 10 iterations.

  18. Hi Laurel, Thanks for posting this hard-to-watch video.

    It’s interesting and rather sad to see some new gen’ers exhibiting behaviour that you might normally expect to be relegated to online trolling where anonymity largely protects and, some would say, encourages anti-social behaviour. Are we witnessing the advent of ‘trolling creep’? I hope not.

    I agree we need to discourage the normalisation of bullying whether online or ‘real’ world. Yep, it’s a shame the kids are being harrassed/bullied in return.

    – Lesley

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  25. It is so nice to see someone showing the power of an effective call to action in a way that is for the greater good. The right call to action can make a difference, even if it is the difference in just one person’s life, or bringing to attention a long standing problem.

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