I spoke on how Japanese companies were doing in social media overseas. Japanese people on the panel talked about online community and social media marketing at home, and I focussed on how it was working for Japanese companies in America, Europe, Australia etc. An amazingly popular talk, people were lined up outside to try and get in – though I think the conference itself had 8000 participants, so hardly surprising. You go to some conferences these days and the number of speakers out numbers the participants.

The key for me was to look at group activity versus the use of individual influencers which is much more a Western trait. Also transparency in “sponsored posts” and blogger/twitterer relationship building. I really tried to cover the best and the worst of the case studies and what worked and what didn’t. Thanks to everyone for the kinds words and sorry about the delay in loading up these few (only 4 allowed) slides.

Anyway, my apologies for the delay but here’s the slideshare presentation from end of October 2011. November presentations will be up on Slideshare shortly.