Social Intranet: Open Atrium social network for internal use

I’m about to install and muck around with Open Atrium as an social network intranet product for a client. It’s based on social networking software Drupal, and is free to download:

Social Intranet Open Atrium

Open Atrium is completely customizable. If you want a feature that’s not on that list, you can add it yourself. Read the documentation, specifically the How to Build a Feature section, to find out how to do it.

Atrium blog Blog: A classic blog for each group that has commenting, file attachments on both the post and comments, and granular notifications.
Atrium calendar Calendar: A calendar that lets you quickly add events, suck in iCal and other calendar feeds, and support single or multi-day events.
Atrium dashboard Group Dashboard: Mini widgets give you a snapshot of all the activity happening across your groups. Think iGoogle, in that you can turn on what you want, turn off what you don’t, and arrange it all however you’d like.
Atrium documents Documents: A simple online handbook that lets you collaborate on documents, store and compare revisions, attach files, and once you’re done print out the final copy.
Atrium shoutbox Shoutbox: Kind of like a private twitter, the shoutbox lets you share short messages, links, and information with just the people in your group.
Atrium casetracker Case Tracker: A full ticketing system that lets you assign to do’s and create unlimited projects within each of your groups. The case tracker also lets you classify the to do, give it a priority, and manage its status.

Anyone got any experience on it? I’ve schlepped around with Drupal for about 4 or 5 years, but am not a guru- are you? Online communities within the organisation – what do you use?  And if the answer is Sharepoint, what’s your say on Enterprise systems like that?

Anyway, if you try Open Atrium and have a few words to say on it, lemme know your blog post or else comment here… Thanks! 🙂

Laurel Papworth

Named by Forbes™ Magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally, named Head of Industry, Social Media (Marketing Magazine™) and in the Power150 Media bloggers (AdAge™). CERT IV Training and Assessment certified trainer (Diplomas and Certificates etc) Adult Education. Laurel has manager Facebook Pages for Junior Masterchef, Idol, Big Brother etc. and have consulted on private online communities for banks Westpac, not for profits UNHCR & governments in SE Asia. Lecturer, social media, University of Sydney for 10 years and Laurel has 11,000 online students. Laurel Papworth personally connects to 6 million followers online and has taught around 100,000 people in the last 10 years how to be social media managers.

26 thoughts on “Social Intranet: Open Atrium social network for internal use

  1. Social Intranet: Open Atrium social network for internal use: I’m about to install and muck around with Open Atriu… http://bit.ly/9kjinA

  2. I’ve been watching Open Atrium with interest, because of its Drupal pedigree, and agree that looks like an interesting option. I’m not sure if some people will be put off from trying it at this point, since it is still labelled as a ‘beta’ build? However, in terms of alternatives, how long have you got? 🙂 I don’t necessarily endorse their evaluation or the short list they’ve selected but this might be a starting point: http://socialsoftwarematrix.org/

    1. I always think that Enterprise has very specific needs compared to open online communities. I’ve enjoyed playing with it so far today… 🙂

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  4. Hey this looks interesting. I’ve fooled around with drupal in the past but it looks like it’s time to dig in again. This can come in handy real quick

  5. Hey this looks interesting. I’ve fooled around with drupal in the past but it looks like it’s time to dig in again. This can come in handy real quick. Keep us posted please.

  6. Yes, I have installed Open Atrium on my machine 3 days back. and what I can say it is just awesome.

    Few issues; 1. weirdly slow 2. Project space not working, don’t know but blank page appearing

    But anyways, look and functionality is pretty good.

    Thanks for such wonderful free Open source application.

  7. interesting you call Drupal social software:

    “…based on social networking software Drupal…”

    I thought it was a CMS/framework for publishing websites. You know something I don’t?

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