Klout is the social media measurement tool that measures influence – how many followers, how much interaction and the style of interaction that a person has in their personal or business social network. As Klout takes over the world, it’s interesting to see their API (the button that updates all over the internet) showing up. API stands for Application Programming Interface – it lets you put a widget on your website that is updated every time someone updates their database. E.g. Klout updates an influencers score but you see it on Salesforce or in a Reuters newspaper article.

Klout integrated into the Browser

For example, I added the browser button so that when I am on Twitter it shows the tweeters Klout score live with the tweets. See the K button below:

Klout is fed into most of the main social media monitoring systems.

Reuters uses Klout of CEOS on Social Media

You can see the impact each CEO has on their networks.

Rewards for Customers integrated into campaigns

Klout has it’s own “perks” programs but now it’s moving off the Klout site onto business sites. The power of Web 3.0 and lots of little bits everywhere! APIs are SO powerful they update external sites in real time.

Social Media Monitoring stations such as Radian 6

Klout API is brought into the dashboard to measure influence. It’s part of the suite of tools. Thanks Klout! 😛

Social Customer Relationship Management – Social CRM – Salesforce plus Klout

When you deal with a company, your Klout score starts to show up alongside your name. How much of a fuss you can cause, how connected you are. Bargain!

Where have YOU seen Klout scores showing up? Anywhere interesting?