Daniela is staying with blogger (and social diagram maker extraordinaire) David Armano. You can read her story here – basically, escaping  from an abusive marriage, she is a Romanian immigrant, with 3 children to support, one with Down’s Sydnrome. Daniela cleans house when she can for pennies.  David Armano and family are putting the family up at the Armano house.

What is interesting is the ClipIn. David tweeted at about 10am this morning Sydney time.

By 6:30 tonight, he had $9, 600 – nearly double what he was asking ($5000), and all within a day – well before the February 6 deadline. Out of about 8,000 twitter followers (he is @darmano on Twitter) , 12,000 RSS readers and goodness knows how many blog readers,  294 contributors had donated. Dont’ forget, they wouldn’t all be followers of David or readers of his blog. One of the things he asked people to do, was re-tweet or re-blog. Like I’m doing – the Ripple Effect in action. In fact, the news was broken to me that he was fundraising by Ari Herzog. (@Ariherzog)