Social CRM with Google contacts and Rainmaker

What is Social CRM? Cloudcenter created Rainmaker to merge your Google Contacts with a social CRM tool – pulling and pushing info from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The business and personal voice combined as we become more social. CRM with bells!

What is Social CRM? Well, imagine looking up a client’s contact details in your current customer relationship management system (CRM) to give ’em a call and your contact rolodex tells you their social information: that they are on holiday in a warm location, that they are annoyed and in a bad mood with their boss and/or team and that they are leaving the company when they get back home from Vanuatu.  Social CRM mixes up business information with personal tweets, LinkedIn and Facebook status updates. You can investigate it here at Google Apps Rainmaker social CRM store. CloudCenter’s site is here.

Rainmaker: Social CRM for Google Apps
by CloudCenter

“Make it Rain” with Rainmaker. Instantly turn Google Contacts into a Social CRM with the following features:

Better Contacts – Populate from Social networks.
Saved Contacts – Sync with Google Contacts.
Integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Rainmaker turns an email address into a full contact record. Rainmaker populates your Google Contacts with names, titles, organizations, photos and other social information from a user?s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks. Rainmaker also automates Twitter and LinkedIn connections.

Rainmaker enables Google Apps users to share Google Contact records within a domain.

* Improve – Populate Google Contacts from your social world.
* Explore – Learn more about who you know.
* Organize – Display contacts by companies automatically.
* Connect – Strengthen your social network.
* Eliminate – Avoid painful contact data entry.

* “Make It Rain”- Pull contact information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.
* Add Contact – Create a complete contact record from an e-mail address
* Contact Sync – Rainmaker syncs with your Google Contacts in real-time.
* Social Connect – Auto-connect with contacts on LinkedIn and Twitter
* Company View – More info about companies you know: logos, websites, revenue and more.

What do you think? Invasion of privacy? Or given that privacy is such a new thing (post industrial revolution) simply business back as usual?  I’m not sure how far Google contacts with social crm can go (I will try it on the weekend in depth myself – back up first!) but it’s the way of the future.

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  1. That’s an Interesting SCRM tool, I have noticed that in the last year many CRM’s have started integrating Social Media/Networks into their CRMs to make them more Social, some are building their own versions of wikis, forums, chatrooms and single signon integration with third parties while others are just using Twitter or Facebook, either way SCRM is definitely the future of customer service.

    1. Laurel, I just looked at that app today. I saw some very negative comments on Google’s site. What was your overall experience using this? Did you continue to use it?


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