So the ‘net is only for Young’uns?

First Try by Geriatric1927 is an example of standard YouTube fare – in the sense that nothing is standard, unless its the poor-yet-strangely-acceptable quality of the camera work and editing. 😛

I find it intriguing that YouTube is pushing the Post a Video Response option. Not just text comments. Create a video as dialogue. Very interesting. Geriatric1927 has 219 video responses and 7,000 text responses, 872,508 viewings. Considering it was added on August 5th, not bad. Not bad at all, for a young fella. He’ll be 80 next year.

Anyway, go have a look. Particularly look for pastiche/mashup (where a 2nd person uses clips from the first and mixes it up), sendup/satires (probably a few with babies and/or ‘pretend’ old people), homage (old ladies) and fan responses (people getting on just to say ‘onya!’). Oh and the clips from BBC about Geriatric1927 – some guy had an out of focus one staring at a fuzzy screen of the TV. Strange. I’m off to The Gazebo for drinkypoos *waves*.

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