social media news Australia 17 May 2021

Social Media News #Australia May 17 2021 – Social Media Jobs, and news #Livestream

Social media news broadcast with Laurel Papworth for Australia and globally incl social media jobs – 17 May 2021

Investigating the news on my new Multicast software (ditched Restream, trying Switchboard). Trying out social media jobs this week (from LinkedIn) to see if it’s an interesting segment.

Social Media News Resources:

  • Why I’m deleting GoodReads (Amazon owned) (The Guardian)
  • Amplify API Week: New Tools and Events for Asian and Pacific Islander Businesses (Facebook Australia)
  • LinkedIn and social dumping on their YouTube channel
  • I use for my monitoring.

Social Media Jobs:

We looked at Walt Disney social media job (London). and others. Please refer to video for more information (all jobs on LinkedIn)

You can engage with me (live) here:

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Written by Laurel Papworth

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