How To Prepare for a Social Media Manager Interview: Data Research

Want to know what you might be asked in a job interview for a social media manager role? Try Data Research!

There’s quite a good likelihood you will be asked questions about data, or else you may just want to impress the interviews with your research skills!

Research your Interviewing Organisation!

What Platforms are they on?website
How many Subscribers?27,000,000
How often do they change the cover photoSeason?
How many Admins do they have? 25
What Countries are their AdminsUSA, Asia 
How many Ads on Instagram and Facebook do they have?2400
What was their Top Engaged Post last week?
Subcribers vs Engagement?%
Check SocialBlade for Twitter, YouTube and others


What data do YOU bring to an interview? How do you make sense of the numbers – statistics are all well and good but what changes can we make once we know the data? How much would you say and how much would you hold back in a social media manager job interview? Let me know! And best of luck!

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