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How I write Social Media proposals for clients – for #socialmedia managers

How to write, for a client, a social media proposal. This information is for social media managers.

Are you a social media manager that needs to write a social media proposal for clients? Clients look to YOU to tell them what they should be investigating (“they don’t know what they don’t know”) AND pricing options. What do you need to include, what sections do you need? I’m using Nusii here but you can use Google Docs.

What are the sections you need for a social media proposal for clients?

  1. A general overview section. I like to list what is coming up in the proposal so they can scan for it.
  2. Availability (only Fridays, 2 hours a week) I have to set expectations as I have to manage my time very carefully.
  3. Products or services: I offer training and mentoring, audits, strategies, consulting, and more. List them all.
  4. Report Outlines – strategy, audit, crisis comms. Be brief it’s for “later discussion if they accept the proposal”
  5. Fees is a special section
    as it has to have GST and hourly rates or monthly rates or whatever. Include bundles here e.g. (if you choose the audit from above for an additional xyz you can also have blah blah).
  6. Bio – why you should hire ME or our organisation.
  7. Tech Setup – agree in advance that you will use Hootsuite or you will submit spreadsheets etc.
  8. T&Cs in the video I list them all including payment schedule.
  9. Testimonials – they love me they really love me! 😛
  10. Thank you the summary paragraph.

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