I love the bit about having to be where the students are and using modern tools . Not just education should be saying that!

A Singapore-based university lecturer believes educators should harness the potential of social media as it is not only practical, this is in the interest of students who will go into the workforce as “efficient knowledge workers”.

Toward this end, he encourages tweeting in class.

While some balk at the idea of introducing Twitter into classrooms, Michael Netzley, assistant professor of Corporate Communication Practice at Singapore Management University, told ZDNet Asia in an e-mail interview that educators can help students and prepare them for life outside the university.

With students using channels such as Twitter or discussion forums in their normal life, it “only makes sense” for educators to speak to them through channels they are familiar with and proficient at using, said Netzley.

“Sometimes, as educators, we make the assumption that ideas must come first from us, the faculty member. We dislike anything that draws attention away from us as we deliver what we think students need to know,” he said. “Frankly, I feel we sometimes over-elevate the importance of faculty in the complex process of student learning.”

“Learning happens everywhere,” he said. He added that the use of Twitter or discussion forums such as FriendFeed in the class opens up opportunities for students to participate and play an active role in their learning. (Read More on ZdNet Asia)

I think a couple of Australian Unis are doing the same, also,  mostly in media studies and communications degrees.