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I found this online community of bloggers today. Kinda cool:

TechXav is a technology blog managed by a group of young and adroit bloggers between the age of 14-15. As tech enthusiasts, we write articles related to technology, especially TechXavwhat’s new on the web. For example, we review Web 2.0 apps, start-ups, publish breaking news and share our opinions and thoughts with adults all over the world. With an average of 3,000 daily unique visitors and over 1,000 RSS subscribers, TechXav is ‘one of the world’s most popular technology blog (under the teenage category)’.

They are asking for help to become a leading blog in the next couple of years:


Regardless of these setbacks, we will continue to strive to our fullest and think of ways to garner more readers to TechXav. In the meantime, we need your support to help us realize our dreams and aspirations. In the short term, probably within the next two years, we hope TechXav would become a tech blog read by millions of people around the world.

I admire their ambitions 🙂  They have a call to action for you:

Here are some ways you can support us:

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Compare these young entrepreneurs with Australia where YouTube is banned in schools, and that parents put on Net Nanny to stop the kids from accessing social sites (which the kids teach each other to get around) and the South Australian Government disabling blogs for school kids involved in a monitored project.  I heard some schools (all?) made  parents sign a bond to say that the laptops given to their kids for education would not be used to access any collaborative, social site. Do you know more?

A Brief History of KidTechGuru and TechXav:Out of curiosity and having a great passion in technology, I (Xavier) created KidTechGuru.blogspot.com in mid-2008. I started from scratch, without any experience in professional blogging or money to purchase a domain name and premium web-hosting subscription. On my Blogger-powered blog, I write stuff related to the blogosphere. For example, how-to guides and tips & tricks. Gradually, the number of visitors started to climb steadily to about 500+ in September. In the same month, I joined Twitter (I have forgotten who referred me to the micro-blogging service.) Twitter was quite fun to play with and an increasing number of people started to follow me.

Traffic boosted to about 8,000 daily visitors during the November-December school holiday period. Since I need not to indulge in any school homework during these two months, I spent hours daily reviewing 7 web apps without fail.

In February 2009, I decided to make the switch from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress blog. Most bloggers regard WordPress as a “state-of-the-art” platform that is capable of making a blog look more professional. This was the main reason why I switched to WordPress.org. Great thanks to WebHostingRevealed, who paid for my domain and web-hosting fees. TechXav waslaunched in February 8, 2009 and Zhou Tong, a good friend of mine, joined me.

Till date, TechXav’s community consists on five teenagers, including me who constantly write and share our knowledge with other bloggers and tech users.

Which country is empowering their teens in the new world, and which country is not even allowing them to be educated on innovative social technologies, hmmm?

I’d love to catch up with them, maybe film/podcast their activities when I’m in Singapore in October (teaching courses) but do you think it would look weird? *sighs* we live in such a politically correct society today…

Laurel Papworth

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