Singapore Airlines- iPods and iPhones

Social networking on planes… not yet.. but

Awesome! Awesome! (Gizmodo)

singapore airlines.jpgSingapore Airlines must have had a fair bit of success when they rolled out iPod connectivity for business customers on their A340-500 aircraft last year, because they’re new Airbus A330-300 aircraft have an iPod dock for every passenger, including those bums back in economy.

Nothing to do with social networks, but it does put a social networking device on a plane, and with other planes putting internet on demand, it’s getting close to … 22 HOURS OF WORLD OF WARCRAFT SYDNEY TO LONDON! woot!

Man, I’m going to Singapore a couple of times in March to run some workshops. I wish we could have WoW on there then. Instead I’ll be doing last minute prep. Grrrr.

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