I bought this month’s Marketing magazine. Dunno why, I got plenty to read online. I just found a really really great article on radio in it. So many critical points including the fact that (in lieu of location based service advertising) its the absolutely best medium for grabbing our attention while we are on the way to the shops. But look at this quote from Geoffrey McDonald Bowll of The StarShip:

Shock Jocks
The process is the producers pick a topic they think will get some angst going; say Muslim girls wearing headdress to public schools being told not to – are they being discriminated against, or are they just trying to defy our culture? They have about 20 calls waiting on line. They pick the ones who will add more fuel to the fire. And they pick a few callers who will object to the angle the presenter is taking. You end up with a fight on air – bingo – people listen to the ‘entertainment’ and you, Miss Marketing Manager, buy ads that show ’cause they listen to it. Yes, the stats are that the public listens more to what they are hearing if it’s more involving. So your ads often have more effect dollar for dollar. But should your firm be encouraging them?

Geoffrey’s article will probably be up soon at The StarShip so check back here. Its the cover with the icecream on it. And pink.
I wrote to the AFR last year on talkback analogies for traditional media competing online – AFR had such cute cartoon for me – and I’ll reiterate it. Don’t be afraid of flame wars in your online communities. Because, yes, “the stats are that the public listens more to what they are hearing if its more involving. ” That means, by all means, let them get shirty. Debate is good. Just don’t get unethical about it, ok?

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