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Ok ok… a confession. I spent waaaay too much time on The Shaadi Times – A relationship and wedding portal *sniffles* but I do soooo love a good wedding. The community aspect is the “matrimonial” – in other words, a dating forum – but there other lovely elements. I read an inspirational story – a Member Contribution – called “Lifting of the Veil, When Neeta Couldn’t See Her Face In The Mirror” and happily clicked through Customs and Rituals (Indian), Astrology and under Wedding Planning, they have a “tool” called “compile a gift list” – its actually a blog, with a list of must-haves including a Masala Grinder and a Karhai, oh and an Idli Maker. When I saw them on the list, I immediately wanted them in spite of (or perhaps because) I have no idea what they are. Its a shame that the list didn’t link to an online shopping catalogue so I could peruse to my hearts content. Especially as there is an online shop called, what else but, Shaadi Shop.

This cute feller is the Shaadi Guru who has wonderful advice like “If you want your wife to listen and pay undivided attention to every word you say, talk when she sleeps. “

As wedding portals go, its chockfull of stuff (crossword competitions, eStories) but still seems to pull together very well. Unlike some portals that are so busybusybusy you don’t know where to click first, its engaging but easily navigated, holding not-too-hidden gems. This site has lots of scope for member contribution but its fairly heavily controlled. For example, I submitted a comment but it won’t show until the moderators determine if its OK. Fine by me, every online community has to integrate into its offline counterpart and I kinda expect heavier moderation/censorship in some countries/cultures than in others. Part of the rich tapestry of the ‘net.

Oh and if your wedding list is missing that certain something, Google Adsense to the rescue – go to for “Chakra-tuned “Singing” quartz crystal bowls” – they are on special for October, so hurry, hurry!

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