OMG I can’t even create decent real life Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. How on earth am I going to do artistic, scintillating, quirky, dynamic, whizbang presentions in Second Life?:

(hat tip: @skribe on Twitter and skribe something in Second Life, possibly involved with Massively?).

Got your free, open source copy of Zebra Presenter, the professional presentation and productivity suite for Second Life? This video walks you through how to use it, and make your presentations look fantastic!

I did buy some cute new clothes (not the green wings, they are old) for SilkCharm yesterday. She was starting to whinge about being a nun all the time. Do you have any idea how much it costs to keep an avatar in the latest fashions?????

SilkCharm Sachertorte in Second Life – sans nun’s habit.

… at least one of us can co-ordinate colours, and presentation styles. I just wish it was me.