Second Life objectifies women? I thought it objectified Furries? o.O “Nearly ’13 million’ users visit it (Second Life) every day – it’s a ‘new’ ‘website’ called second life ” I don’t think so lady!
video here

Are there really only 50,000 predators online? Where are the rest…? At the shopping mall probably. Better drag the kids off the PC and send ’em out there…

I really hope that kids don’t start playing Second Life – which is full of fun educational projects, lectures and workshops from Colleges and Universities around the world. They should watch more Fox violence on TV, anything else just isn’t normal.

Beat up stories. Snippets to shock yet not engage the passive viewer of The Evening”News”. And they say that ‘social media’ is ruining our culture.* Grrrrr.

I’m not even going to comment on Congressman Kirk’s attempt to make Second Life forbidden fruit by blocking it in internet cafes.

*andrew keene The Cult of the Amateur – How Today’s Internet is Killing Our Culture