Those poor darlings at ADMA had to sit and listen to me waffle on about how Web 2.0 social media, social news, social bookmarking and social search were going to change their world. As they hadn’t yet learnt about Search Engine Optimisation (also, apparently, called Search Engine Marketing), and as social search is not yet an exact science, it was a fun exploration. Hitwise is on board:

Traffic from social networking websites influences Singaporean appliance and electronics shopping online

Posted: 09 Oct 2007 06:26 PM CDT

According to Hitwise Singapore, for the week ending October 9, 2007, while search engines dominated referral traffic to ‘Appliance and Electronics’ shopping websites, representing over 25% of visits, traffic from ‘Net Communities and Chat‘ websites accounted for 10.16% of traffic to the industry, nearly double the volume of traffic than ‘Email Services‘ websites. This presents an opportunity for marketers in this industry to both tap into the power of social networking, as well as develop powerful email marketing campaigns to drive loyalty.

So people who ignore social sites are missing out on a big slice of the referral pie, one that we can expect to grow.

We also went into vertical search and web 3.0 and and so on. Not exactly futuristic – it’s established and growing fast – but still, it probably felt that way…