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Anyone out there in blogland read Crikey? I’ve had their trial e-mail newsletter for 2 weeks, and now they want me to cough up the dosh to subscribe. So a) is it good enough and b)is this a model I want to support? User-pays online is rarely successful, its better to look at another model. But I do like Crikey. Lots.

Look at the last line from today’s toilet roll

A Crikey reader writes: Bumper sticker on a Sydney taxi: “Is that the truth or did you read it in the Daily Telegraph.” Who is printing them and where can I get some of those?

I want a sticker that says “Is that the truth or did you read it on a blog?”. Or wiki perhaps?

One snippet – if it was a blog, I’d say blog-let, in this case is it email-let? – was asking for information:

Misha Ketchell writes:

The drip, drip, drip of information about Fairfax chairman Ron Walker’s recent share purchases continues today with a few more interesting tidbits.

We now have a date for the Sussex Street lunch he enjoyed with Communications Minister Helen Coonan. It was Friday 30 June – a little earlier than we’d first been led to believe but still well within the “window” that would make the dinner table discussion of interest in light of Walker’s subsequent plunge on Fairfax shares.

We’ve also got a couple of extra names to add to the large list of luminaries around the table – Andrew Peacock and David Gonski. When you add these to Ron Walker, Westpac CEO David Morgan, Network Ten executive chairman Nick Falloon and Fairfax CEO David Kirk, it sounds like quite a gathering.

As to what was on the menu and what was said – we don’t know any more other than that the proposal to relax cross-media ownership restrictions was discussed. If anyone who was there would like to enlighten us more, email boss@crikey.com.auOpens in a new tab..

A timely segue into my blog response yesterday on the on Citizen Journalism and the Press Gallery in Canberra and blogs. So, in the spirit of corp de esprit (yep, redundancy on spirit) amongst us renegade scribes (crikey) and scribblers (me), spread the word, ask around, search through the trash and email boss@crikey.com.au your nuggets (and mention this blog.)

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