Social networks meets market intelligence meets customer relationship management systems might just equal spam.

spamSpam: food for thought

So this is what I see happening on Twitter:

  • GaryPHayes: @SilkCharm Watcha doin’ Silk?
  • SilkCharm: @GaryPHayes making a cup of tea. Gonna have it with a Tim Tam
  • ArnottsTeam @SilkCharm Oh you like TimTams? Have you seen our new “I LOVE TIM TAMS” widget, you can add it to your blog!
  • WoolworthsTwitter: @SilkCharm We have a special offer on Tim Tams today, only. Use your voucher TwitTams for 2 for 1 offer!
  • HeartFoundation: @SilkCharm you can have a Tim Tam but don’t forget fruit such as peaches are great for you!
  • RedTulipLovers: @SilkCharm Our “family favourites” pack has been tweeted about 2,456,987 times on Twitter – follow me at @RedTulipLovers for…
  • SilkCharm: @GaryPHayes…. hmmm maybe I’ll just have a Vegemite sandwich instead.
  • KraftTastesGood: @SilkCharm Did you know that Vegemite has only 40KJ in a 5 gram serve?
  • SilkCharm: I’m not hungry anymore – Spam sandwich filled me up.

Sucks no?

You don’t have to jump in every time someone mentions your name. Good or bad or indifferent brand conversations – ignore some of ’em. And autotweeting offers is just gonna get you blocked.  You see, normal spam is impersonal – this social spam is personal. Viagra email to women is just plain irrelevant – but eavesdropping and sending me ads based on my discussions is going to – for digital immigrants anyway – raise ire that could cause a massive backlash.

Salesforce is integrating the Twitter API into it’s CRM. What does this mean? Well a sales person using the Salesforce panel can see whenever anyone uses their brand name or keywords, bypassing and monitor the conversation. Saw this all over the ‘net but here’s Dean Collins blog:

This was too cool not to write about.

As a lot of you reading this will already know – I love Twitter and I love Salesforce so how cool is this combination;
Here’s how is works: Salesforce plugs in to the Twitter API, and customer care reps can start Twitter searches from within Salesforce’s service, bypassing If a company discovers someone tweeting about them (good or bad), a button click can import the entire Twitter thread into Salesforce’s software.

From there, it’s almost the same as if the Twitter user called in on a 1-800 number. A PC user complaining about a faulty graphics card on Twitter can be cross-referenced against similar reports that originate from traditional customer care lines, and if a workaround exists a company can tweet back with a tinyurl (or whatever) link to the solution.

Is it for everyone nope, but if you have a bent for listending to your customers this is a natural module to implement.

Be careful out there, boys and girls. Information = Power but only when it’s used for Truthiness and Goodness.