1. Well there are tools, then there are tools who dont know how to use tools.

    Which one you are is really beyond to control of Twitter and Salesforce.

    …. and I still think it’s cool 😛


  2. This is an annoying approach certainly but in some ways I appreciate it over people randomly dropping in and saying, “Yes, Tim Tams are the greatest biscuit on earth,” and neglecting to disclose their professional relationship with Arnott’s.

    Recently I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted a novelty tshirt with a particular slogan and I was quickly followed or contacted by half a dozen tshirt companies. One even presumed to design a tshirt with my slogan and throw it on their website. That annoyed me.

    John Lacey’s last blog post..Advertisers: Users Engaged ‘For The Sake Of It’

  3. Hi Laurel,

    Enjoy reading your blog – always something interesting happening. REcently I re-tweeted your Aston Martin promo, and lost a number of followers – but that is topic for another day.

    I can safely say that the scenario you describe above is highly unlikely in the long term. I am yet to meet brand managers of just major brands who are that desperate. I could be wrong, but I think common sense prevails.


    Peeyoosh Chandra’s last blog post..How things go viral

  4. great post, my interest would be if they didnt come in like a lead ballon?

    Idea 1 – delayed tweets about tim tams or if they just contacted @GaryPHayes

    Idea 2 – add u to email marketing database and send u products updates

    Idea 3 – @ozziebruce (undercover ArnottsTeam a/c) contacts you to swap timtam stories…

    So im sure idea 2 would get you a bad name, but really is less direct marketing different if it is not pushy? Of course there are more advanced/successful idea, that i wont list here :)-

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